Furniture Education

Love Bumper takes ergonomics to a whole new level. Each shape is meticulously designed to fit the human body. The angles, curves and even the flow of nerve impulses in the body have been considered in the design of each piece. This entire line gives people more access to positions that enhance intimacy, comfort and especially orgasm potential!

One of the great aspects of having furniture is the ability to try new positions. The furniture is specifically designed to help your spouse stay in “that perfect spot”. Besides the obvious goal of improving lovemaking, we were also impressed to learn that a great portion of their focus goes to helping women during pregnancy, people with physical challenges and those with other selective situations as well.

The pieces are incredibly attractive and come in gorgeous, contemporary colors that compliment most home décor. The soft, luxurious feeling polysuede colors can be changed easily, so as not to waste the rest of the product. Each shape and cover are completely waterproof. The materials are made in democracies, as Love Bumper will not make or sell anything that isn’t healthy for our bodies or environment.

Love Bumper:

  • Fits all body shapes, from petite to bodacious
  • Soft, sensual polysuede
  • Great for lower back and hip problems
  • Side handholds for extra grip
  • Water-resistant barrier
  • Removable and machine-washable cover
  • Available in Purple, Black and Red

The Love Bumper collection comes with tasteful non-pornographic illustrations to help spouses to understand how to best use the furniture with their personal desires in mind.